Spring 2021

1st place:

“Multimodal Patient Feedback System to Reduce MRI Chest Scanning Duration”
Team members:
Anica Huang, VCU biomedical engineering
Tajinder Sundhu, VCU biomedical engineering

2nd place:

“Q2Connect: A preventative measure solution for pressure ulcers in hospitalizations and optimization of accountability in healthcare”
Team members:
Rohan Ray, VCU computer science
Angela Nguyen, VCU chemistry
Kimberly Pham, VCU computer engineering
Naomi Ghahrai, VCU chemistry

3rd place:

“ProSEN: Smart Monitoring for Your Prosthetic”
Team members:
Anisha Beladia, VCU biomedical engineering
Nina Mei Brooks, University of Virginia biomedical engineering
Josephine Johannes, University of Virginia biomedical engineering
Madhura Managoli, VCU biomedical engineering

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