2019 HealthHacks

Theme: Pharmaceutical Innovation for Patient Care

Pharmaceuticals touch every aspect and age in healthcare and are versatile tools that physicians use to treat patients. The HealthHacks challenges for 2019 will explore creating new methods, devices and tools that could potentially revolutionize patient care. Teams of students from diverse backgrounds — including engineering, computer science, business, design and health professions — will come up with ideas to make it easier and safer to deliver medications. Team solutions may be physical technologies, software designs and/or products to assist physicians, pharmacists, and caregivers in managing patient medications.


1st place

TITLE: Pillbug
PROJECT: Interface for non-health care professionals caregivers to help manage medications and medication refills.
TEAM MEMBERS: Egill Anton Hlöðversson, Enes Taşbaşı, Aliyah Desautels

2nd Place

PROJECT: A fingerprint-activated opioid pill dispenser with pain and opioid use tracking that transfers data to the doctor in real-time and alerts when there is indication of opioid drug abuse
TEAM MEMBERS: Angela Nguyen, Naomi Ghahrai, Rohan Ray, Kimberly Pham

3rd Place

TITLE: Penhaler
PROJECT: A Reusable, spring-loaded inhaler that delivers single-dose dry powder medication.
TEAM MEMBERS: Stephen Hepper, Samiya Majid, Tom Stack, Zahraa Al-azzawi, Wesam Elhawabri, Mary-Randall Creighton