2018 HealthHacks


Assistive Technology and Prosthetics: The theme of Assistive Technology and Prosthetics challenges teams to address the needs of individuals with impairments. Through rapid prototyping and collaboration across the disciplines, teams will develop personalized rehabilitation technologies that have the potential to positively impact veterans across the Veterans Health Administration. Design solutions may take the form of devices for communication and cognition, enhanced access to computers and smart technologies, powered mobility, home automation, prosthetics, mental health supports and more.


1st place

Title: Anxpression

Project: Biometric bracelet monitor and app that tracks heart rate, perspiration, temperature for tracking anxiety and stress.

Team members: Yashar Atajiang, Brennan Chaloux, Panth Doshi, Omar Karim

2nd Place

Title: AutoHandyLock

Project: Special adaptive tool that uses pressure sensors to assist with opening, closing, and locking a deadbolt door.

Team members: Lauren Linkous, Adam Morrissett, Brandon Simon, Kevin Yang

3rd Place

Title: Heads Up

Project: Reliably predict stress attacks that are proactively alerted to the user for symptom resolution before the attack progresses dangerously.

Team: Apurva Chopade, Victoria Nguyen, Neda Ojaghlou, Mahdi Shafiei

Honorable Mention

Title: Pill Mill

Project: An integrative medication dispensing device to improve the quality of patients’ lives by decreasing non-adherence to medications through optimization of scheduling, dispensing, and drug therapies.

Team members: Thomas Vu, Han Tran, Vignesh P, Josh Thai