Fall 2021 Winners

First place went to Team Wayfinder for a mobile phone-based app for patient use following a visit to a physician. The app gives patients simplified versions of their medical documents and highlights important instructions, prescriptions and appointments.

HealthHacks 2021 1st place winners Team Wayfinder

Second place went to the Active Learning League for their medical curriculum that aims to train health care professionals to understand Social Determinants of Health and limit patient cost. The robust curriculum will equip medical students to serve a diverse group of clients.

HealthHacks 2021 2nd Place winners Active Learning League

Team Achieve took home third place for a platform to help make healthful choices after doctor visits. The app provides simple, safe and efficient support for healthy lifestyles such as keeping track of prescribed medication and self-care tasks recommended during a doctor’s appointment.

HealthHacks 2021 3rd place winners Team Achieve

Team Regen received a special award from Capital One for creating an app for medical professionals to share instructions with patients. The app allows physicians to share helpful links to patients about their health history and keep efficient track of their medication.

HealthHacks 2021 special award winners Team Regen

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